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Pat Beaupre Becker, Life and Weight Loss Coach

Pat has been living in the Bay Area for the past 28 years, and was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Before becoming a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, she earned her BFA from Marymount Manhattan College and worked behind the scenes in Film and Theater in New York, San Francisco and Mississippi.


On her own path of personal growth and weight loss and self-sabotage, Pat discovered the work of Dr. Martha Beck in 2010 and became a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach in 2014.  She continued her studies with Brook Castillo at The Life Coach School and was certified in 2015 and has recently completed the Master Coach Training Program. She has presented this workshop to many women’s business organizations in California.  For the 2016 Workshops to Lift Your Life series, Pat presented SMALL CHANGES, BIG IMPACT.


Today, Pat is a savvy Life & Weight Loss Coach who helps women lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  She tackles weight loss and negative beliefs to support women achieve their goals.  Pat is now thriving as a coach, teacher, partner, sister, mother and friend. Pat is excited to share these tools with men and women looking to find and feel more success in their lives

Angela Ford, Life Coach

Angela grew up in the north bay area, and is returning after many years in the northwest. She is a trained Martha Beck Life Coach, has a BA in cultural anthropology, and has done significant graduate work in architecture. Angela has a long history of working in not-for-profit settings, including an ecumenical organization, school for learning disabled children, county council and a community-preservation organization. Four years ago, while holding the question, “How might I best be of service now?” she came across Martha Beck's book, “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World,” which transformed her life. She began studying with Dr. Martha Beck, and completed her Life Coach's training in 2014. Since then she has been helping people connect with their own inner wisdom, and the light of who they truly are so they can begin to flourish –- and lead uniquely inspired and fulfilling lives.

Sheri Hoffmann, Writer-Humorist

Sheri Hoffmann is a writer and mother of two, who lives in Benicia with her husband.   She spent 13 years as a training consultant for all types of industry and companies.  She left the corporate world in 1999 because it depleted her soul, and entered the field of giving and volunteering in schools and the community. In addition, she is an eclectic writer who specializes in mundane situations; turning them on their side and finding the lesson, the heart and the humor. She questions commonly held beliefs about children, the arts, equality, volunteerism and parenting.  An active supporter of connection in the schools and society, she is fiercely protective of the overworked volunteers and givers.

Her writing has appeared in A Novel Quest and Medium.  She is due to be published in an Anthology in the spring of 2018, with an essay entitled “The Art of the Departure.” She was a cast member of the 2015 Listen to Your Mother live show in San Francisco and presented an essay in San Francisco’s Lit Crawl 2016. Sheri was a premier facilitator for the 2016 Workshops to Lift Your Life, and is currently working on a book based on her workshop topic. 

Linda Lesem, Career and Life Coach

Linda Lesem, is a trained therapist, career counselor and life coach specializing in Positive Psychology, the Science of Happiness.


In both her private practice and in her workshops, Linda coaches clients of all ages and backgrounds who are in transition and are seeking to create positive change in their work and in their lives.


Linda is the creator and facilitator of Moms in Transition, entering it’s 9th year of helping mothers who have stepped away to be at home with their children, and are now considering returning to the paid working world, going back to college or volunteering in personally meaningful ways.


She is also the co-creator of the “What’s Next” program, a signature program at the Hivery, a cooperative work space and idea lab for women.  What’s Next participants gain clarity about what makes them tick, brainstorm opportunities that are good matches, and then set up an environment that supports change.

Most recently Linda was a coach on Dare to Detour, a retreat for women in the rugged Montana countryside. Beyond riding horses, fly-fishing, hiking and creating beautiful crafts, Linda motivated, and inspired participants to manifest future possibilities for their lives back home. 


When Linda is not coaching, counseling and inspiring her clients to reach their dreams, you can find her with her horse Babe in beautiful Nicassio or hiking the trails with her family and her dogs, Javier and Norman.

Adriene Rockwell, Workshop Producer

Flying in Formation workshop series producer, Adriene Rockwell lives in Benicia with her husband and 11-year-old son.  With a degree in journalism, Adriene worked as a reporter for the Sacramento Magazine and the Pacific Sun before taking her writing skills in a new direction. She began her career in the non-profit sector as a grant writer in 1992, and has since worked in many capacities for a range of cause-driven organizations including those serving refugees, providing medical care for the homeless, offering enrichment programs for youth and elders, K-12 education, charitable aviation, and more. Raised in a creative family of musical and visual artists, Adriene has always been drawn to the creative arts and served for more than a decade as arts administrator in San Francisco and Napa.  

While in her role as Development Director at di Rosa, a nationally recognized museum in Napa, she made the life altering decision to stay home with her newborn son. As she began to reinvent herself in the brave new world of motherhood, she attended the international Find Your Life Calling webinar facilitated by renowned coaches Martha Beck, Amy Ahlers and Lissa Rankin. Through this experience she found a tribe of women that continue to lift each other through the cycles of life, a tribe that – in the nature of migrating geese -- dubbed themselves the Flying in Formation team. Now, Adriene is following her “hot-tracks” to create a series of workshops by facilitators who have dedicated their lives to sharing tools that mend our wings, lift our spirits, and clear us for flight.

Jennifer Sherwood, Life Coach

Jennifer Sherwood is a Martha Beck certified life coach, speaker, and blogger. She is passionate about helping women get out from under the stress of their inner critic and bring more joy into their lives. Jennifer works one-on-one with women, and facilitates WE (Women’s Empowerment) a monthly in-person women’s circle. She recently launched “Imperfect and Happy” an ongoing virtual women’s group, and co-leads the Red Hot Visionista Sacred Circle, a 12-month group program designed to help women become the leader of their lives.


Jennifer has empowered numerous women to get out from under the grip of the nagging voice in their heads with her workshop “Reigning in Your Inner Critic.” She has also equipped hundreds of moms throughout the Bay Area, and as a leading facilitator during the 2016 Workshops to Lift Your Life, with tools to regain balance in their lives through her popular workshop: “This Isn’t the Brady Bunch; Navigating Modern Motherhood in the Real World”.

On the lighter side, Jennifer lives in the East Bay with her husband/best friend of nearly 20 years and is a mom to two teenage girls, and one spoiled pup. Before launching her second career as a life coach, Jennifer worked as an Audiologist, having earned her master’s degree in Audiology (hearing science) with a focus in pediatrics.  

Anna Urrea, Transformational Life Coach

Anna Urrea is a Transformational Life Coach, Facilitator, and Leader/Change Agent trained by Claire Zammit in the Feminine Power International Learning Community.


Graduating from Cal with the Free Speech Movement, this Baby Boomer has continually questioned the status quo. Now as a coach/facilitator, she delights in assisting clients in challenging their long-held assumptions and beliefs, freeing them to express their full potential and live their deepest yearnings.

Constantly curious about her personal psychology, she searched for a lens through which to compassionately understand herself, others, and Life. She was a pioneer in the field of Transcendental Meditation, trained personally by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. As the “lightworker” within was awakened, she engaged in multiple trainings and studies, including the Enneagram, Myers Briggs/Jungian Typology, and Elaine Aron’s Highly Sensitive Person.


With little attention to age norms Anna brings the fervor and curiosity of an adolescent into her study of “Aging” with the intention to transform the current out-dated, constricting, and “aging” beliefs in our cultural conversation into a personal guide for living a uniquely satisfying, inspired, and vibrant life!

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