Who we are:

You guessed it, the name “Flying in Formation” is in honor of geese.  


It all started with an international webinar called “Find Your Life Calling” led by renowned Life Coach Martha Beck. Among the thousands of participants world-wide we were a small group of women from Northern California who began meeting each month.  After a few years of learning and growing together, we discovered that we were much like geese flying in the V formation.  As you may know, geese fly about 70% farther when in formation than they would alone.  When one is ill or injured, another goose takes it to safety in order to heal.  And, when they “honk,” it’s to cheer each other on – all with the purpose of going home.  So, naturally, we began nicknaming ourselves the “honkers.”

Over time, many in the group had launched thier careers as life coaches, writers and healers and were ready to share their work.  As the idea of the workshop series evolved,  “Flying in Formation” became the perfect name for our team.  It also captured the intention of the workshops to offer new tools that might support or “lift” others in their own migrations. To reflect this concept, the newest member of the flock, writer Sheri Hoffmann coined the clever title:  "Workshops to Lift Your Life".


We wanted to make it easy for you to pause from your busy lives, and to explore new ideas and practical tools that might just mend your wings, lift your hearts, and clear you for flight.  We hope you'll join us!




Visit Benicia:

Nestled along the Carquinez Strait, Benicia is one of the Bay Area’s sweetest undiscovered treasures. 

As described on a local site, Benicia has been inspiring authors, sculptors, painters and other visionaries for nearly 200 years with its beautiful setting, vibrant art scene, and small-city charm. Having been the official state capitol for an entire year in 1853, the city boasts a proud cultural and architectural history. 

Find out more about Benicia here!


Commanding Officer's Quarters

[The venue for Workshops to Lift Your Life]

The Commanding Officer’s Quarters (COQ) is one of the most elegant historic buildings in Benicia.  Built before 1860, there were many prominent residents of the COQ over the years, but perhaps the most notable were Lieutenant Colonel James Walker Benet and his wife Frances Rose who resided there from 1905 to 1911.  Their home became a creative hub for literary genius, and many great writers spawned their successes within those walls. These included Stephen Vincent Benet, William Rose Benet, Laura Benet, Leonard Bacon, Kathleen Norris, and Sinclair Lewis, who between them wrote countless bestsellers, and earned four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and the Nobel Prize for Literature.  We are honored to share our work in the same creative space.  

Carter from Carter’s Biz Cafes at the Commanding Officer's Quarters has been a wonderful support to the FiF team as we take flight for our second consecutive year in the space.  Please take a look at CBC's exciting calendar of events. 

MelzaFit Training

Flying in Formation Workshop participants are in for a wonderful treat at the end of our workshops with Melanie, a fitness coach who lives in Benicia with her husband and three young children. Not to worry, it will be a fun filled, step into your power kind of jam, that will have you flying home feeling good. 

Melanie's earned a B.S. in Kinesiology at the University of Illinois followed by a Health Fitness Specialist certification through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). While home with her kids, she's earned her Resist-A-Ball certification, UJam Fitness Instructor certification, among other skills, and is currently working to become a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. 

Flying in Formation
Beautiful Benicia