DAY ONE: Saturday, January 20
Day One: Lunch & Conversation
DAY ONE: Saturday, January 20

Light Lunch will be Served

Angela Ford

Life Coach


Dancing with Change to Live Your Light

After a light lunch on the beautiful grounds of Commanding Officer's Quarters, and time to mingle and enjoy the flock, Angela will lead us in a conversation about the four phases of the change cycle, and how to navigate them. Instead of feeling baffled, confused or scared by change, we'll share some ideas about how to dance with change – finding our way into a freer, more expansive life. 

DAY TWO: Sunday, January 21

10am to 12pm

Sheri Hoffmann


Benicia writer, humorist and community volunteer, Sheri Hoffmann is excited to present a new outlook on boundaries for those who are constantly asked to help, give or volunteer. You will explore, rethink and redefine the use of boundaries, and get a fresh perspective on where you can significantly reduce the stress of over-commitment. This session is for anyone who feels the constant pressure to take on a project, committee, event, task or activity. We will learn a tool that will filter out the “shoulds,” and will put us in the right places to give our gifts of talent, passion and time.  With humor and compassion, this presentation will help you manage the flow of daily requests in order to find each YES you were meant for. 

Going from Constant Yes to Contented Yes
DAY TWO: Lunch & Conversation

Light Lunch will be Served

Anna Urrea

Transformational Life Coach


After a light lunch on the beautiful grounds of Commanding Officer's Quarters and time to mingle and enjoy the flock, Anna will lead us in a series of generative discussion questions, we will bring into light the assumptions and beliefs that are abundant in our culture which we may have accepted without conscious consideration. Then, informed by research on the habits of healthy centenarians, we will transform those assumptions into guidelines that will allow you to leave feeling inspired by a fresh mind set, eager to live the exhilarating possibilities of Age as you create your own individual version of “getting older.” ALL ages are welcome to this discussion. 

The Magic of Age:
A Myth Busting Experience
DAY TWO: Sunday, January 21

2pm to 4pm

Pat Beaupre Becker

Life and Weight Coach


Women, Self-Confidence and the Brain

As a Certified Life and Weight Coach, Pat Beaupre Becker teaches motivational tools for living that increase confidence and engagement in both our work and personal lives.  These tools assist us in directing our problem solving skills, including how to lose weight at any age.  Pat will address the new brain science of neuroplasticity, and share how to implement cognitive self-coaching to adopt ways of thinking that will increase the probability of success in any endeavor.

During this engaging two-hour workshop, Pat teaches us a range of practical tools to support our happiness and well-being, including methods to: 

  • increase confidence and engagement both at work and at home

  • adopt ways of thinking that will add happiness and drive innovation

  • integrate the latest brain science of neuroplasticity into our thinking

  • introduce curiosity and self-coaching as a path to problem solving

2pm to 4pm

Linda Lesem

Career and Life Coach

Exploring What Makes You Tick 

In Life and In Work

Join Linda Lesem for an introductory workshop that identifies the most important areas to consider when exploring good matches for us in our work and life.


We are pulled in so many directions and are influenced by the outside world to such an extreme, that remembering who we are often eludes us.

During this workshop, we will pay special attention to our personality type, which is an integral part of our personal profile.  Linda’s coaching tools will help us gain a better understanding of our truest selves: our interests, skills, strengths, values -- ultimately getting clearer about what really makes us tick. 



10am to 12pm

Jennifer Sherwood

Life Coach

Reining in Your Inner Critic


Join certified life coach, Jennifer Sherwood, for an exploration of how that sneaky little bugger impacts you, how to identify it, how to lessen its grip on you and change how you talk to yourself. You know that little voice in your head that says things like:

  • You’re not thin enough

  • You’re not smart enough

  • Who do you think you are?

  • What will everyone think?

Yeah, that little voice is your inner critic talking. It is sneaky, subtle, and operates behind the scenes, but it can have a big impact on you. It is as if there is a tape playing on a loop in the back of your mind berating you. It influences how we think, feel, and respond in the world. But we no longer have to be at its mercy. 

In this interactive workshop you will learn to:

  1. Recognize where your inner critic may put up roadblocks to prevent change.

  2. Get familiar with the ways your inner critic works.

  3. Separate facts from interpretation. Staying grounded in the facts takes power away from the nagging voice.

  4. Shift your negative self-talk.